Meet awesome people.
Do awesome things.

Do Fun Things

Maybe you picked up a new Xbox and are looking for friends to help break it in. Perhaps you're looking dapper and want to paint the town red. Put simply, you're awesome and want to meet people to be awesome with. Whatever you'd like to do, we can help you find others for the evening's adventure!

Meet Fun People

Dining with the same group of people, every single day? Grabbing a quick 11 o'clock lunch before your 11:30 meeting? Looking to meet fun, new people? Expand your social circle! Dining with Strangers takes the awkwardness out of finding fun, new people like you to grab a meal with.

Safety First

Whether you have a hot date at a local restaurant, or you're signed up for a cocktail party at someone's apartment, others will only ever see your first name and interests. If ever you see something weird, just drop us a comment card and we'll check it out as soon as possible.

Create a Date When You Want, Where You Want

Bowdoin & UCF Beta

If you're a Bowdoin College or UCF student, you can be among the first to start Dining with Strangers! Find students near you who are looking for a fun evening out, wanna grab a scoop of gelato, or even organizing a potluck! Not at Bowdoin College or UCF? Stay tuned!

Our Partners

We're actively partnering with local businesses near you to get you the best deals and find you reservations! Are you a business owner near Bowdoin College or UCF interested in joining in on the fun? Send us a Comment Card! We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Students Say:

"Class of '17 should check this out! ...Awesome way to get to know people." "This will be great for Gelato Fiasco dates!"
"Dining with Strangers is an awesome way to branch out."
"Dining with Strangers is THE way to branch out. and meet cool people"